Mbichana mbichana




 Anyone can rush 

So why not take it slow. 


And Just Like That

And just like that

At journey’s end

Clouds gone 

So free

Sky clear 


And just like that

Anew begins 

Adventures wild 



And just like that

Future unfolds…

New routes

New truths

As yet untold. 

A prayer for my friends

                    ‚ÄčA prayer for my friends

No matter what the world throws at you, may your heart be filled with love and may your mind always find peace.

Know the joy you bring to us and may that joy be multiplied a thousand times

when it comes back to you.

                                  With love.

The Wall

Up goes the wall

Ever higher

Ever wider. 

Higher, build it higher

Lest we see

Their pain and suffering. 

Wider, build it wider

Lest we hear their

Pained, weak cries. 

Faster, build it faster

Before my conscience

Tells me no. 

The wall complete

Is strong, high and wide.

Safely guarding mind 

From unwanted thoughts 

No word can penetrate 

No image floods in

Safe is my mind, safe from the world

Safe in my space, no one come in.

Safe, so safe, or the illusion thereof

Too far removed, too far to care. 

Two Worlds

I’m disgusted to know

That reality has shown

I live in two worlds

Queen in one, 

Pauper in another.

Queen Marie Antoinette 

“Empathetic” yet disconnected 

To masses who hunger, who suffer.

Oh they suffered such horrors.

It’s no wonder, no wonder 

They wanted her head.

As a pauper no better 

Is fate for the hated.

No voice of your own, 

No ear that will hear us.

So pauper or queen 

In the end it’s no wonder

That fate for the both

Ends in death, oh such candor.


Tap, click, update 

Tap, swipe, my fate.

“Awww”, now chuckle 

Congratulate. See, no hate. 

Walk, tap, update 

Pause, swipe, repeat. 

World turns, birds sing,

Face down, don’t miss a thing. 

Sit, click, scroll down, 

Like, like, always more.

Never satisfied, never ending

Never validated, ever yearning. 

Tap, click, update 

Tap, swipe, my fate…