A prayer for my friends

                    ​A prayer for my friends

No matter what the world throws at you, may your heart be filled with love and may your mind always find peace.

Know the joy you bring to us and may that joy be multiplied a thousand times

when it comes back to you.

                                  With love.

The Wall

Up goes the wall

Ever higher

Ever wider. 

Higher, build it higher

Lest we see

Their pain and suffering. 

Wider, build it wider

Lest we hear their

Pained, weak cries. 

Faster, build it faster

Before my conscience

Tells me no. 

The wall complete

Is strong, high and wide.

Safely guarding mind 

From unwanted thoughts 

No word can penetrate 

No image floods in

Safe is my mind, safe from the world

Safe in my space, no one come in.

Safe, so safe, or the illusion thereof

Too far removed, too far to care. 


Being human means…
Existing, but not living
Working hard, but not playing
Rigid civilization, no changing
‘Almost’…almost there, almost enough, almost done, almost, but never quite…

Being wild means…
Living, not merely existing
Playing hard, knowing work will be done
Changing, morphing, adapting, surviving
‘Done’…satisfied knowing that chasing ‘almosts’ is a sure way to misery…


Sometimes all you need is to take a step back and breath

Sometimes it is enough to sit still and watch

Sometimes it isn’t about talking,but listening

Sometimes it’s not about rhyming, but just writing

Sometimes it’s alright to disappear and collect your thoughts. 

Sometimes life needs a pause button, so go ahead and push it. 

Daily Prompt: Percolate – The Drive


Driving down a country road
Moon orange shines and shadows showed
Figures, ghosts of persons past.

First an Amish girl downcast
By weary feet on winter’s night.
Must march on home hold bucket tight.
And just like that she disappears
Into the shadows, she left in tears.

Next is a man up on his bike.
Dressed all in black,
Sack on his back.
Not certain what I see is real,
Mysterious figure almost dreamlike.

Tips hat, lips move, as if to chat as car passes by.
Oh what a goodbye.

Look back in mirror the man is gone.
Replaced by darkness
I carry on.

The night progresses
Moon sheds orange coat.
Reveals pearl white
Too bright to ignore.

In new and bright moonlight
A single white crane
Is revealed by the light
And gone once again.

Vague shadows at night
Can cause quite a fright.
And so this is how mind percolates
The information that it circulates.

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