I use words because I cannot draw

I use words because I cannot sing,

I use words because I cannot dance,

I cannot preach, cannot perform.

I use words because without them

I would wither,

Forgotten in the cold.

I use words because I can

Because you hear me,

Here I am!

I use words, because they are timeless,

They survive to tell them all,

That once there lived a woman

Forgettable and small,

Who refused to be forgotten, because

Words live evermore.


And just like that

And just like that

Life changes in a flash

Yesteryear forever gone

Tomorrow never here.

And just like that

Hope shattered,

Hope found

Against all odds

Death and life abound.


Silence falls 

Fan hums and moans 

Lulls tired mind

Lids heavy grow. 

It’s sandman’s hour

 To sleep they go

One at a time 

Lights dim down, gone.

And through the night

As creatures sleep 

Sandman he sings

His pleasant song.

Sand in the air,

Song in the wind, 

Sweet dreams abound.

Goodnight, goodnight, 

Goodnight to all.

Two Worlds

I’m disgusted to know

That reality has shown

I live in two worlds

Queen in one, 

Pauper in another.

Queen Marie Antoinette 

“Empathetic” yet disconnected 

To masses who hunger, who suffer.

Oh they suffered such horrors.

It’s no wonder, no wonder 

They wanted her head.

As a pauper no better 

Is fate for the hated.

No voice of your own, 

No ear that will hear us.

So pauper or queen 

In the end it’s no wonder

That fate for the both

Ends in death, oh such candor.

The Setting Sun

The sun is setting 

It sets on us all.

Color gives way to darkness

Vibrance to silence.

Yet no one grieves

A setting sun,

Because all that lives knows best

That as we bid farewell with one hand,

With the other,

We hail the rising moon and stars.

The sun may set on us all,

But so too the moon and stars will rise

To take her place…


Fascination abounds 

For obsessions renowned.

Be polite, write a card, say ‘Thank you’,

Don’t confound. 

So easily offended 

When protocol is suspended.

As if struck across face 

With white glove,

Kills white dove.

Peace defected

Offence unintended

So quickly escalated.

Too far out of control

Apologies insufficient

Groveling’s equally deficient.

Only option that’s left

Is to face this with deft.