Tap, click, update 

Tap, swipe, my fate.

“Awww”, now chuckle 

Congratulate. See, no hate. 

Walk, tap, update 

Pause, swipe, repeat. 

World turns, birds sing,

Face down, don’t miss a thing. 

Sit, click, scroll down, 

Like, like, always more.

Never satisfied, never ending

Never validated, ever yearning. 

Tap, click, update 

Tap, swipe, my fate…


The Following

​Getting attention is easy

Maintaining it, not as breezy.

Sweet words, like honey

Draw bears and bees 

From far and wide;

Though with humans money

Would as easily suffice.

The vibrant crowds 

Disperse posthaste

Unless they’re given

A small foretaste

Of what’s to come, 

Intrigue is sprung, they stay.

And so new following’s begun.

Lion Heart

It takes the heart of a lion
To be one of the scion
Of this earth with its troubles.
Weighs you down with its struggles.

Know even lions need help
Which is why he will whelp
Letting lioness know
That he feels the woe

Of the struggle day brings
So she stands by and sings.
Then the pride does respond
Making lion feel fond.

Know the heart of a lion
May be strong like a diamond.
But true strength lies in knowing
That it is alright to ask for help.


Daily Prompt: Filthy – All’s well that ends well

Patience, dash, pounce and grab

Triumphantly he does return

With victor’s spoils to flaunt to all.

The screams the shouts

It must be cheers.

But where are they all running to?

“Oh no! Dear cat!”

Shouts Mistress Pat

“Take filthy rat back out. Now! Stat!”

Poor cat confused at the kerfuffle, thinks

“I know what I’ll do. Let me take this to Truffle.”


via Daily Prompt: Filthy

Beware the snake

Those dark marble eyes.

Skin cold, rough – Arise!

Slowly, with purpose.

Exudes strength with every move.

Deliberate gaze cannot be broken.

Mesmerized, terrified.

To run or to stay?

Do both. No! Do none.

Hypnotized, yet receptive of other stimuli.

Too late, cannot run.

Cold hug growing tighter.

Last thought, “God deliver me from…”

Last sight, eyes, fangs…

And darkness.