The dead of night

In the dead of the night

Loud silence surrounds

From distance far

A single light

For brief moment breathes

And just like that, is gone. Snuffed out.

In the dead of the night,

A moment came, a moment went

And in that moment

A fire was born, lived and died.

In the dead of the night.



Laying in bed

Staring up at the ceiling.

Muscles ache, 

Oh what a feeling,

Reflecting on days 

And weeks gone careening.

Yet now at last a time for reflecting

On victories won,

Battle’s done, oh the aching

It’s no wonder…

Take the time

Lay in bed, reflect and recover. 

Though the battle is won,

There’s a war on the horizon

And if I thought I ached now,

Don’t be fooled, 

‘Tis just started…

Head up, shoulders back,

Stand tall and march on.

After all, war is won

A single battle at a time.


One of the most difficult

Attitudes to cherish is gratitude.

When too easily won,

It gets lost in the platitudes

Of everyday life. 

Like a withered flower

Gone too soon to be admired. 

When too hard attained 

Again it gets lost 

In the certitude of a hardened heart.

Complaints abound,

Crowding out the space 

Where gratitude should resound. 

Gratitude is the simplest attitude of all.

Yet simplicity, is where the complexity

Of the emotion arises. 

It takes extra care 

To acknowledge gratitude,
So it is no wonder 

That of all the little wonders,

Gratitude, in all its simplicity

Results in the greatest reward of all. 

The best laid plans

The best laid plans

Are best forgone

For fast played past

And future untold.

Worry less 

For a worriless now

And a better tomorrow. 

Where failures pass

And find yourself anew.

Rejuvenate your tired soul,

Love the now, 

This moment, this second…

After all, 

The best laid plans

Are best forgone

For fast played past 

And future untold. 


Silence falls 

Fan hums and moans 

Lulls tired mind

Lids heavy grow. 

It’s sandman’s hour

 To sleep they go

One at a time 

Lights dim down, gone.

And through the night

As creatures sleep 

Sandman he sings

His pleasant song.

Sand in the air,

Song in the wind, 

Sweet dreams abound.

Goodnight, goodnight, 

Goodnight to all.

A prayer for my friends

                    ​A prayer for my friends

No matter what the world throws at you, may your heart be filled with love and may your mind always find peace.

Know the joy you bring to us and may that joy be multiplied a thousand times

when it comes back to you.

                                  With love.

Two Worlds

I’m disgusted to know

That reality has shown

I live in two worlds

Queen in one, 

Pauper in another.

Queen Marie Antoinette 

“Empathetic” yet disconnected 

To masses who hunger, who suffer.

Oh they suffered such horrors.

It’s no wonder, no wonder 

They wanted her head.

As a pauper no better 

Is fate for the hated.

No voice of your own, 

No ear that will hear us.

So pauper or queen 

In the end it’s no wonder

That fate for the both

Ends in death, oh such candor.