I use words because I cannot draw

I use words because I cannot sing,

I use words because I cannot dance,

I cannot preach, cannot perform.

I use words because without them

I would wither,

Forgotten in the cold.

I use words because I can

Because you hear me,

Here I am!

I use words, because they are timeless,

They survive to tell them all,

That once there lived a woman

Forgettable and small,

Who refused to be forgotten, because

Words live evermore.


A prayer for my friends

                    ‚ÄčA prayer for my friends

No matter what the world throws at you, may your heart be filled with love and may your mind always find peace.

Know the joy you bring to us and may that joy be multiplied a thousand times

when it comes back to you.

                                  With love.

The Last Leg

The final stretch is roughest.
A true test of character toughest.
The desire is to sit and quit,
But the best choice for all is the hardest.

Long days and longer nights,
So much time spent in cold room.
Under guise that what’s done
Will one day benefit someone.

Oft forgotten by the world
Until disease threatens humanity.
Then unceremoniously whirled
To the forefront in the calamity.

Yet to reach the point
Where one day my standpoint
Can mean more than letters,
Hard work must be done now
To remove all known errors.

The Journey

Running on empty

Must stop, refuel.

The journey’s long

Obstacles abound.

Each mile complete

Is oh, so sweet

Much closer now 

To final bow.

Take time to 

Take good care dear one

So journey’s end is sweet when done.

Feathers from memories past

(Picture: Grace’s Zen Space)

In the silence not a word is said

Just sit observe the feathers shed.

Each holds a world all of its own

Of memories past, precious like gold.

As feathers drift down to the ground

Warm to the touch like sun kissed skin.

Each flickers for a moment more.

Reminders of a childhood gone.

Do not despair, for memories past

Are gathered into unique decor

And placed up on a mental mantel

To be displayed forever more.

Conquer Thy Fear

fear__s_eye_by_arch_x(Photo credit: Fear’s eye by Arch-X)

Face to face,
No face my mind.
Looking within
The dark abyss.

There she lurks
My other half.
Her eyes glow red.
A piercing hue,
That burns right through my inner core.

As she glides across my mind with ease
Hairs stand on end,
Cold clammy skin,
Goosebumps appear
“Lord help, please hear!”

Must face her now.
Must face my fear.
The inner demon
That lives within.

Poem was first published on https://allpoetry.com/poem/12977334-Conquer-Thy-Fear-by-GracesZenSpace

Unicorns and peace

The dream of world peace 

Is as illusive as a unicorn

Not just any unicorn,

But an elephant unicorn…

With a mermaid on top.

Millenia have passed,

Yet history remains stagnant.

The same foolish cycle,

New players each round.

Things improve, then get bad, 

Then improve once again.

It’s enough to make even

The steel-stomached seasick.

The choice is not ours

To take part in this cycle.

But the choice we do have

Is our response once called upon.

So cling to that glimmer of hope 

With all of your might.

Because in dark times it will guide you

And in joyous times regale. 

The Fog

I close my eyes

A calm washes over me.

Open them again

Surrounded by fog. 

Thick, cool fog. 

Feeling focused

Not lost, not confused. 

I should be afraid

Of the unseen, the unknown. 

But the fog, it comforts. 

A sign of possibilities,


Capabilities ad infinitum. Just try.

My thoughts become clearer.

Every confident step

Makes the temperature rise.

And the fog – it subsides.

The new path in sight

Confidence is rewarded.

Onward and forward

Keep eyes and mind open.