Daily Prompt: Faded – Jaded

Smiles, laughs, glittering eyes 

All faded

Warmth, comfort, safe home

All faded

Carefree imagination unhindered 

All faded

Growing old, all alone

So jaded.

Faded – http://wp.me/p23sd-13bo



Take heed in the soliloquy

That is deeply rooted in bigotry.

Too easily dismissed almost flippantly,

Slowly numbed to all the indignities.

Watch the victims unfortunate, such hostility. 

All veiled in sup-posed divinity,

Thus corrupting the Holy Trinity

With judgement misguided so brilliantly. 


Standing in the store, 

Staring at the wall

Of “fresh” meat in its package.

Pray, do tell when fresh came to mean,

Freshly out of a package.

In truth, my truth, I admit and share

My fresh does not mean a package.

Fresh consists of the friendly, 

Kind hearted old butcher 

Who asks “What will it be today?”


Cells grow, divide, thus multiply

Over years the cycle does pass by.

To build anew what once  was old

Yet age escapes us not we are told.

Though normal cycles begin and end,

In perfect circle with no bend.

This cycle comes with so many nooks

The only option is to grow and move. 

So with a beginning and with an end

Lets not get caught in frivolous trends.